Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-28 21:55:05 (UTC)


Another week of school started today!! lol The only thing
good that happened today in school was I was late. We did
nothing in Spanish. Im really going to miss the student
teacher for English when he leaves next week. Math and
Bio were never boring. I like fell asleep in Bio. O shit I
haveto study for the quiz! Yeah then after school, there
was a peer meeting and Amber and Sarah like both flipped
out over little things AGAIN!! Ok Who cares what the name
of the team is and Who cares when I picked the bottle drive
to be. NOONE so get over it... then I was looking forward
to seeing Saul but no he didnt come home fromhis mom's
house and Ricky told me he doesnt even think he will come
home cuz his dad cant deal with his Bullshit!! it figures I
FINALLY find someone my age that im digging on and he
moves away!!! i dont get it so anyways nothing eles really
to say so later!

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