2003-04-28 20:22:46 (UTC)


Does anyone else out there ever feel like they've reached
a place where all the nonsense in your life finally makes
sense? There is this definitive time of "coming together"
in my life at this moment. I feel so incredibly
grateful. Sometimes people tell you that someday it will
all make sense and be worth all the troubles you've seen.
I just want to say...I'm not a special person really...not
more than anyone else...and it has happened for me...so if
youre reading this...and you need encouragement. It WILL
happen. Life eventually does make sense and there IS a
sort of heaven on earth. I believe it now. I always
hoped. But now I have proof. Thank JESUS.

God bless you Michael and everything your hand touches.
May you have favor with God and man. And may He bless you
especially with the abundance of His hand for being the
sweetest person in my life. Youre no. 1 on my
list...assuming of course that Jesus is the ultimate. Eh,
eh...don't argue...I love you MORE. :-)