listen to my silences
2003-04-28 13:10:29 (UTC)

rambling about homework

so i didn't do my homework till last night. and i didn't
even do it all then. i did my math starting at i think
four o clock yesterday. took me till eleven thirty to
finish it. taking into account going to the library to get
my religion reading, going to lowers to get food, and
spending roughly two hours on the phone, it really took me
about five hours to finish it. still, that's a long time
for me. seriously. and the worst part is, i didn't finish
it. i mean, i did. but i didn't understand it. pretty
much at all. which, if you know me, is really
frustrating. so i "finished" my math and moved on to
religion. i read the two readings necessary to do the
paper and then i was like "screw this i'm going to bed." i
didn't have my eight o clock class this morning, so i had
plenty of time to do it. i set my alarm for five fifteen
and got up at six. i was planning on getting up at five
thirty, but of course i didn't. i knew i wouldn't, which
is why i set it so early. anyways it took me about two
hours to finish it. not bad. i have time to write in here
and then go take a shower and make it to my nine o clock
class. granted, i still have to print it out, but i have
time. for now i'm going to get off of here and go take a

i slept in your shirt last night. now i smell like you.
he hee. i don't want to take a shower, but i need to.

final thought: are you coming home today?