my life sux
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2003-04-28 10:46:30 (UTC)

I start Gabitril Wednesday and went shopping yesterday

Hello Diary,
My Tegretol level was 6.7.
As Dr.Hedaya puts it my meds are fighting each other.
When I go see someone the 30th I stopped by his office pick
up some free samples of Gabitril.
I sure hope this drug gets my seizures under control better.
I had two more seizure over the weekend.
This now may 13 for the month that I know about.
We went shopping yestwerday and Dennis got himself some
pants and boxer shorts.
I got some jeans,underwear for myself also.
Dennis also bought a new hard drive for the computer.
My stomach is still killing me and I'm still bleeding from
my rectum.
I hope they can tell me what's going on with me when I go to
the doc wednesday.