My Gay Misadventures
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2003-04-28 06:02:55 (UTC)

A letter to Doesntmatter

Well, just recently, I got some Hate mail from my Diary
(Yay!) Frankly, i couldnt care less, but here's the
deal...I sent him a reply...but it didnt go through, so
here is yer letter Doesntmatter...:

Well, well, well...You gots some Balls Sir. (Or ma'am,
couldnt tell what your sex was with your diction)...I guess
I can comment back on a few of the "Your-a-big-meanie-head"
words you so dared to slash at me...
"I would just like to say, you're so pathetic. "
>> Actually, Im not....Im very love-able and hug-
able....may you rot in heaven.

"Most of the *95% of people on here that are depressed* are
depressed because of people like you"
>> I guess your going ahead and classifying yerself as one
of those losers. Those buggars are depressed because they
cant defend themselves in day-to-day situations, like
waking up in the morning to face reality...Shitface.

"And for someone who has posts like "Fagity Fag Fag" that
caught my attention because of the immature and
disrespectful title"
>>>LOL! Stupid fag. In case you havent figured it out (or
only read the entrys where i was having a bad day) then let
me up to date you on something....I AM ONE! Im Gay-homo-
rainbow bright- Love machine!...Sheeesh! I have every right
to use the term 'fag' if socitey wants to make it a bad
word on me, Ima turn it around and take all meaning out of
it. (Kinnda like black people call each other 'Niger'...as
long as its in the same Race system...its ok...so shut up.
And my "Friend" who my aunt called a fag too...Is my
Boyfriend (well sorta)...so bite me.

Anyway, I will mention you in my next entry...if only to
bash you....Im not a scum faced dumbass either...It's only
a facade. I'm very well informed in how to speak 'properly'
and bond with the higher class...but when it all comes down
to it....People dont like reading smart shit...not the
majorty anyway...people wanna read stuff they can relate
to, understand, and the way i write is the way people enjoy
reading...Your petty attemt of my renewal is nothing
compared to the praises I get from common folk tellin me
how 'real' I am...So...without further adu....Fu' Off.