lillian jeanne
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2003-04-28 04:31:48 (UTC)


almost done.. im tired of this place, masque formal last
night...very very drunk, very very very VERY drunk!
lol...apparently very horny drunk...hmmm. you can use your
imagination. sam jsut bitched me out over the freakin
track hurdle i stole that she wants...thinking she took
that one... she'll prob take it when im not looking. ralph
kinda wanted to take a break tonite - lots of tears.
DRAMA! im so tired of it! but he gave me pretty flowers so
its all good. we're fine, we fight liek we're married. 40
year olds stuck in college bodies! allison is my bestest
friend here and i will miss her so much. i HATE TV! i hate
it! its always on an di cant wait to fall asleep with no
tv. ok...goodnight. finals week. MicroBio tommorrow but
should be easy. *sweet dreams*

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