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2003-04-28 04:30:51 (UTC)

A Fresh Start...

Well I had quite a few things written in here...all the way
back from October 2001. I decided to start fresh since
this page can now be viewed by everyone who comes to my web
A lot of people ask me why I care to start a web site or
even do this? I can answer that in two words-WHY NOT!? So
no more needs to be said about that...
I just finished a weekend full of performances and an
audition and I'm now ready to crash. The semester is
almost over and I will be a senior. It seems weird saying
that. I'll have a degree and a lifetime of experience.
I'm excited and scared of what is to come. Graduate school
is a definite--it's just finding the right place. I have
to keep remembering what Josh says though, that I'll KNOW
when the time comes.
Life has thrown some major curve balls at me in the past
year, but the past few weeks it has given me something very
special. It's not everyday that I can give someone a part
of me that I've been wanting to give for so long. It's
nice to be in a committed relationship where you know that
someone else is with you on this journey.
I'm performing this weekend with "Pebblebrook Players"
of Noel Koch's music. Sat. at 8 p.m. in Kobacker hall.
My friend/webmaster Justin and I are going to get together
soon to
have a photo shoot and get this page together, hopefully it
will be
up and running completely soon. If you have any
comments, or want to contact about performances, etc use
the e-mail
and address written below.
Tomorrow is a busy day, I just hope it goes smoothly.
All my love for now,

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