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Mi vida loca
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2003-04-28 03:56:37 (UTC)

Here's me :)

Well okay. Heres my "online" diary for all of ya'll
to see. Lets start with who I am. My name is Sarah and
I'm a *virgo*. My birthday is September 2nd 1982, you do
the math and find out how old I am :) I attend Central
Texas College (a/k/a CTC) and I'm on a double degree plan,
one for an associates in applied science in paralegal
studies, and for a bachelors in political science. My
dream is to one day is to make it to Law school and get my
Juris Doctorate (J.D.) That is my *huge* goal in life and
I don't care how long it takes, or how rough the road is ~
I will make it.
Yes, I have a boyfriend. His name is Jason and he is
in the good ole army. Currently he is stationed at Camp
Casey Korea, but he is due home in October. Lord only
knows how much I miss him and how much it is driving me
crazy that he is gone, and so far away. He is originally
from New York, Cuban and Salvadorian and also has a
beautiful daughter named Abigale.
My bestest and closest friend/sister is Jennifer. She
is a newly-wed to my other bestest and closest
friend/brother Frank, who just recenly graduated from army
basic camp. What a match huh? I already know I'll like her
husband because I knew him first.. HA HA HA! I wish them
them the best of luck and love because God knows they've
been through hell and deserve it.
Lonniebug is my other bestest closest buddywuddy. Me
wubs her much and she is like my twin. Come to speak of it
~ shes only a few days younger then me :) Shes a nut and
if you're ever lucky enough to talk to her ~ you'll want to
squeeze her tight too. Shes a bright light and everyone
who gets to talk to her for even a minute knows it too.
Well thats all for now, I'll write again later. Sorry
if I bored ya but guess what! thats me :)