My Reality
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2003-04-28 03:39:00 (UTC)

My first apartment

My first apartment is definetly gonna keep me humble, i
would estimate its around the size of a shoe box, its
fairly tiny, in fact, to actually sit down on the toilet in
my closet like bathroom i actually have to put my feet in
the shower stall...umm thank god ive lost 22 pounds or else
i wouldnt have been able to shimmy my way in to the
kitchen, and my living room is so small i can stand on one
side of the room and spit on the wall of the other
side...dont get me wrong im not complaining i mean i really
cant find a one bedrrom for 250 a month anywhere else
really but geez...its so small but i guess thats what first
apartments are suppose to be like. you know ive never had a
real job so i can figure out what i can afford and what i
cant and work from there after a year or this tiny lil
slice of heaven...and the town i live in ..oh my hudson is
not exactly a booming metropolis but its just cute...its
still a train town that has a train pulling in twice a day,
and theres still a fair value grocery store and everyone
literally knows each others names, its so cute i feel like
its straight out of the movies or something just
waiting to meet walley and the beav....its so cute, i can
walk to school and to the local park and actually damn near
anything i want to do in the town ...its so small that they
only have one patrol for the police takes
all of twenty seconds to pull through the entire town...god
its gonna be a change and its gonna be interesting but i
love my tiny lil town and tiny tiny lil apartment