Ducky the Lesbian

useless ramblings of a crazy duck
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2003-04-28 03:14:50 (UTC)

another day in the life of a crazy Duck

well today is Sunday.. its been a wild day.. i hardly slept
last night b/c i was on the phone pretty late with my
baby.. after we got off the phone i was soo frustrated and
horny that i just had to play.. sooo i did *grins* several
times needless to say.. im sure ur all thinkin that is more
graphic than u wanted to know.. but deal with it.. its my
dayum journal lol... anyways soo i was all tired when i
woke up this morning but i called my baby to let her know i
was thinkin about her.. soo we talked a few before i had to
go to church i wanted to call her when i got out before she
had to leave for work but i was a couple of mins too late
*sighs* soo here i sit i havent talked to her since this
morning and im missing her like crazy... sooo i did the
church thing, ate lunch, rode horses, took a lil nap, went
to church, ate supper, laid in the tannin bed 2 get my
white ass a lil sun atleast, then here i sit @ my mom's
office ready to work on some school stuff but i thought i
would take the opportunity to write you all a lil bit and
let you know how things were going.. im soooo freakin
excited 2 weeks from today i get 2 see my baby.. 2 weeks
from tonight i get to wrap her up in my arms and fall
asleep.. i know yall are like woohoo big deal.. but to me
its a huge deal by the time i get there it will have been a
month and 1/2 since ive seen her.. i love her.. and she is
well worth the hard times that we go through because of the
distance.. but those of you who have the love of your life
right there beside you, and right there with you...
TREASURE that.. make sure they KNOW how much you care.. and
how important they are... dont take that time for
granted... b/c i love every second that i get to spend with
my baby... and i hate every second we are apart.. hopefully
in about a year from now.. i will get 2 spend all the time
i want with her.. maybe i will end up going to grad school
where she is.. GOD i hope sooo *crosses fingers* everyone
send your blessings and good luck that my school of choice
will give me an assistantship or a scholarship of some
kind.. b/c without it.. i cant go there where she is.. and
then thats atleast another 2 yrs before we get 2 be
together all the time.. and if i dont go there we will be
like 3 times the distance away from each other that we are
now... and dayum i just dont know how i will every survive
that.. soo yall wish me luck.. but im gonna go study.. i
finished my paper that is due tomorrow ummm last night..
sooo all i gotta do tonight and tomorrow is study for my
last final which is tues.. and dayum dayum dayum am i ready
to be through.. to all of you who have finals coming up.. i
wish ya the best of luck... here is a beer and a ciggy for
ya.. cuz i know you'll need to relax lol