Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-04-28 03:09:01 (UTC)


This probably wont be very long I just thought sence I
havent writen in here in a while I would place a statement!
(lol) Soon I will be grounded because of stupid grades and
it sucks! But I guess I only have myself to blame.
COry leaves in July and that is heading up on us pretty
fast! It seems really weird that summer is starting soon
because it feels that school just started or something like
that! It is hard to explain. And then COry and I will have
been together for a year in a month! That one is coming
pretty fast too! A whole year. And then he leaves. Which
really sucks. So I guess prom will be our last big thing
together because he wont be here for most of summer. I will
only see him for about a week because he has plans with
everyone else. I will miss him so much I dont know if I
will be able to take it. I feel I am losing my better half
to something that will take him forever.
Well I will say my goodbyes

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