SuGaR RuSh
2003-04-28 01:49:20 (UTC)

fuckable friendly, fuckturds

..thats the name of our (me n mmbers) show ..anywho...i
know what i wanted 2 write about it...when me n jd were
goin 2 the game on fri night there was this like thing bein
made of all like kinds of statute was really
good...its all on wood st by the way...and the other thing
was this huge water thing and there was there seats near
it...and were sittin on em..then we r walkin away..and we
look back..and they r eyes...i love it..i like died when i
saw it it was soo cool...and i love madonna...i was watchin
this thing on her..and all of her music is good and shes
just great..lordy well uh...2day didnt seem like a sunday
so that was good....and i really like him..hehhe..and he
likes meeeeeeee woohoo...oh well..cant do nothin about

fuck ya later baby doll