A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-04-28 00:20:55 (UTC)


wow...i found out today i am a horrible gf...that
sucks...lets started friday...i was supposed to go
to riverfest wit jenni...and it rained so we decided to go
to a movie instead and then saturday i took tony and whit
to hhs's prom...then today i worked on my project..well in
all of that i didnt drop everything to go see
the extremely funny thing i see is the fact that TYLER told
jen that he was gunna call mike and tell him to break up
wit me last nite...well at least he gave me a day...instead
of doin it last nite he did it today...well...tyler if ur
readin this...i hope u feel AWESOME u got ur wish...BUT jus
remember u should be careful what u wish for...bc karma is
a bitch...damn look at that...what a simalarity...bitch is
my middle name...hmmm that should tell u sumthin...**wink
wink** see here is a note to whoever is readin this right
now...i dont stoop as low to ruin ppls relationships so u
dont have to worry about that...bc im WAY more creative...i
can find ALOT of other ways to make ur life a living
hell...well i guess this is the best way to end this
entry...i'll talk to u peeps lata!

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