Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
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2003-04-27 23:27:23 (UTC)


I joined the school golf team. I thought it would get me
out of the death-grip my grandparents have on me, seeing as
how they've practically put me under house arrest. So now
that I'm on the team, it fucking sucks!
I played my first game on Thrusday. I almost got in a
fistfight. Some bitch I was playing against was pissy
because I was taking too long (it was my first time, I'm
not supposed to be a damned expert in 3 days). So when she
started getting pissy with me, I got bitchy. I told her
that if she didn't shut the fuck up I was gonna kick her
ass. Lol she left me alone after that.
The next day(Friday), my team had a big tournament. It was
18 holes and lasted from 7 in the morning to 4 in the
afternoon. Lol one of the girls I played against was a hottie. I
had to fight the urge to grab her boobs. Gawd, now I know how guys
But anyways, I want to quit golf, but gramma won't let me. It fuckin
sucks! But I guess I'll deal with it lata.
I'm outtie, peace out nuggas!