Nephanie's Life
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2003-04-27 20:09:51 (UTC)

Yah i ummm don't even know the date

...Yah...just got home from Virginia Beach w/ school...was
relieved to just be able to chill with my family no i thought...but took a shower got out and heard
Scot, Scot, and Val were coming over i
just fell asleep until like 3:00-3:30....*sigh* oh
well...ummm our trip turned out pretty good...except it
took us 16 hours to get there b/c a bus broke down and we
had to wait for a new one to come...and ummm oh lol nikki
took our rolling chair and put it on top of our bed lol and
started to bounce on it lol we were jumping all over the
place on those beds...oh and we went in the ocean...we just
ran strait out into it...then in the hot tubs, that burned
your skin....and the Bible lol ahahahhaha Busch Gardens was just wasn't fun walking we had fun
on the roller coasters...and yah i missed you all so *muah*
and peace out!

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