forever changing
2003-04-27 19:50:09 (UTC)

one step

i think i am slipping into true insanity. i just don't care
anymore i don't care about so many things that used to mean
so much to me. how did i change so much and not really
notice until now??? how did i get to this place that i feel
too apathetic to leave??? i can't wait until i get my
lcense then i will be able to go places and do things when
i want to but also then i will also have to keep working to
pay for my car and i will have to stay in scool so as much
freedom a car will give me i will be forced into a lot as
well. i don't want to think about it anymore so i wont i
will just say goosefaba.

the tears keep rolling
ceaseless yet unwilling
a release of anger
crashing into saddness
what more could i need
what more could i want
than this hole in the side of the cliff
keeping one step from death
only one step in life
no reason for living
no reason for falling
what blocks the path to the edge
holding life inside
is it
hope of a better day
or merely apathy
unwillingness to care
whether hopeful or apathetic
this hole remains home
only one step from death
only one step in life