My world.. take a peek
2003-04-27 17:20:42 (UTC)

Spring break Flop?

Hey everyone, It's Sunday! Know what that means?- It means
my damn spring break is over! WEEPAMUSHA!
WEll this week consisted of "spring cleaning" - which was
more like " ALisha kissing Grandma ass so she can do
things with friends and Greg." I cleaned and did stuff for
the G-ma for half the day, and I spent the rest of the day
MOnday- I went to Ihop with Greg's mom, nana, and Greg. I
never have eaten at Ihop, it was good, and stupid me didnt
even order a breakfast food! I ordered a philly steak and
cheese instead.

Tuesday- I laid out for a while to get a tan, and got ready
to go to Greg's big tennis match in great bridge. I thought
I was just gonna be riding with Greg's mom to the match.
Much to my surprise I ended up riding with the whole JONES
FAMILY!- ( ok another exaggeration.. but still.. his dad,
Ches. nana,smithfield nana, and his mom) I was really
nervous.. but I eased up. I broke the ice by offering
everyone a lifesaver's wintergreen mint. ( they always do
the trick). His family is cool.. I am pretty sure they all
like me, we had great convo on the trip to and from the
game. GReg came over later to see me- I tried hiding up in
the tree to scare him. He walked right past me, I threw
something at him.. but still he didnt come investigate. SO
after my Grandma told him I was outside, he finally figured
out where I was. We spent our time that night sitting on
the back porch, and taking a breather from the busy day ;)

Wednesday- I argued my way to the beach.. I went to lay out
with Heather, and we really did get alot of sun/ sand ;)
Later on I went to church, I tried skateboarding again..
this time I was learning how to jump. No I didnt fall! But
I still cant jump, so I might as well stick to just rolling
down hills like I've been doing.

Thursday- Heather and I went to the Mall before Greg and
Jeff's tennis match. I thought it would be cool to buy the
team cookies, so I proceeded to get a pound -n- a half of
Mrs. Fields cookies for the guys. The game was great, I got
to see Greg at his best and worst.. and he always pulls
through, so that made the game even more exciting. Greg and
I split up from Jeff and Heather, and went to his house to eat pizza.
Later on we
played pool at the bowling alley ( I lost every game :( ).
This creepy kid kept us company.. alhtough he was creepy,
the kid was cool.. He swam on the floor ( isnt that odd?)LOL.
Heather spent the night, we stayed up til 2am watching
scary ghost documentaries.


SAturday- I got a call from Greg around 10 or so, saying
that the weather was not going to be bad, and we should go to
Busch Gardens. So, after many frustrating hours of waiting,and making
sure we could go we all got in Jeff's car- we were on our way.
We get there.. and I have complications with getting a season's
pass.. since not thinking the weatehr waould be good, I
hadnt cashed my money order.. but I figured third party
would be accepted at BG. Nope!.. WE wont even begin to tell
that damned story!- But we had fun on the rides, and most
of the night went well.. The lighthouse was the stupidest
show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! A WASTE OF MY TIME- AND IT WILL BE

Today- Nothing so far.. I'll get back to you on this one.
PROM IS COMING SOON!!!!! Im so excited, there are no words
to describe! :)

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