ton o galaxy
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2003-04-27 16:14:35 (UTC)


so now it's back to square one. where everyone is having
sex but me. ALl of my roommates have something going on. I
feel like janet from Three's Co. or something. I guess it's
better than feeling like Chrissy all the time. Nah. She
still makes money off of those "Thigh MAster" commercials.
Which i have to say are pure comedy unto themselves.
But really folks, back to me.
Even if I did get with someone I really liked I'm afraid i
would act like my cat does when you give him wet food. Try
to take it away and their is alot if ugly growling and
hissing. How would you like it if all you got was some
crappy doctor's formula from the vet? You would be howling
and growling if I tried to pry you from your tasty morsels.