hello kitty cat
2003-04-27 11:37:04 (UTC)

blood again

It's OK to fuck an 18 year old, but it's not OK to love an
18 year old.
I am dissapointed in myself.
All I want to do is love him.
All I do is love him.
I can't handle this emotional shit anymore.
Being looked down upon for something you can't help is such
an immature cruel thing I don't know where to begin.
"something is wrong" that he can't get past....
bullshit, you love fucking let it want to
be happy, you put the doubts there you can take them's one thing if you're trying ..if your not and
this is a fucking game then leave me the hell alone. I hate
knowning you lie to me, I hate knowing you are not mine, I
hate knowing that you don't think this is right when I feel
so right with you.