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2003-04-27 07:40:54 (UTC)


sometimes when people get on my nerves so badly or make me
feel guilty or that ive done somthing wrong, i hurt myself.
usually its with my own finger nails. i just tell my
parents that i fell on the steps. by now they probably
think im the most non-graceful person on this planet. ill
take my finger nails and slice down my arms and legs until
i cant bare it anymore. they leave nasty marks. once im
done it feels good, like tingles when your frost bitten
fingers are hung under warm water or your feet finally wake
up after sitting still for so long. most people probably
find those feelings uncomfortable, i guess im not like
them. i dont usually tell people i do this. not even my
brother and im close to him. i only hav told two of my
friends, and ofcourse the people who read this. well its
time for me to give into sleep and nightmares...

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