I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-04-27 05:12:13 (UTC)

Brush With Fame

Because I'm reading a weboard about people and their
brushes with fame I decided to share my stories. Do you
have any of your own?

I grew up in Stamford, CT, home of what used to be the WWF
(now the WWE I think) and there were a bunch of wrestlers
around town. I think I was about 4 and was at the tiny
local market with my dad. Now, my father is a BIG GUY.
6'5" and about 275 or so. Keep this in mind. Anyways, my
dad and I were in the store buying something and I hear a
small commotion and turn around to see Hulk Hogan walk in.
My dad just kept shopping and we did happen to pass by
him. He was bigger than my dad and I couldn't stop
staring. He was a giant to my 4 year old eyes and I
refered to him as the yellow giant (he was decked out in
yellow) for many years.

Also in CT, my neighbors went to school with Debbie Harry (aka
Blondie) and she came to their house for a BBQ and I immediately
took to her (I was 2) and made her push me on the swing that we had
tied in the tree. Apparently I wouldn't let her stop pushing me.
What a pain in the ass I am.

More recently, Grant Hill comes into the health food store
I work at. He came in early one Tuesday and had crutches
and a huge brace on his knee (he had surgery recently) and
wanted to know where a few things were so I carried his
basket and told him all about soy milk and stevia (a
natural sugar substitute). He is also very tall, even to
my 23 year old eyes.

I seem to meet tall men.