2003-04-27 03:54:07 (UTC)

what did she mean?

She said...I just hope he likes you for YOU and not
because you pursued him. Well...what the hell does that

First of all...I didn't pursue anyone. I'm NOT a
pursuer. I wanted to hang out...make friends...have fun.
I had no intentions of "snagging" ANYONE. So I resent that

She thinks I was treading on "her" territory. WHAT??? Am
I the only one that finds that a little fucked up? Cuz I
wouldn't do that if in fact it was. Is there something I
should know??? Cuz I won't share. Sorry...oldest child
syndrome or something. I won't compete for anyone's
attention. Its mine or its not. Plain and simple.

There is definitely more here that I'm caught in between
than people are telling me. Just tell me this...should I
feel like an idiot about now? Cuz I'm feeling a bit naive.