2003-04-27 02:00:49 (UTC)

Not For Me

Well, dinner looked good and it smelled good but I don't
know if it tasted good because I couldn't eat it. It is
not a good idea to eat barbequed ribs, coleslaw and garlic
bread if you suffer from acid reflux so I just had a big
plate of rice with vegetables and a piece of chicken I'd
saved from the roast chicken I'd made a couple of nights
ago. Hugh and John enjoyed the rest of the dinner but it
wasn't for me.

After I finished the Tiger sock this afternoon I immediately
started the Bumblebee sock. I like these yarns. I just do
plain knitting and the yarn does the patterning for me.
The Tiger looks like orange, black and white tiger stripes
and the Bumblebee alternates gold stripes with gold flecked
with cream and black. Fun, fun, fun! When I went to
Corvallis yesterday I stopped at Fiber Nooks and Crannys
and bought five more skeins of Opal. The fun never ends!

I did a bit of housework, cleaned up my sewing room, did
laundry, and knit. And that was my day today.