Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2003-04-26 23:11:28 (UTC)

Puck's got a mullet?

Hmmm...Real World...yeees... God I need a life! I'm @
Zack's house waiting for him to come home from work so he
can fix my car (it died this morning when I was picking up
directions from his house). I'd rather be watching Trading
Spaces, but it's not on till 7:00. :(. Where's my Cristal??
I didn't talk to her yesterday or today. :(. But I did get
to hang out with Angela, who I haven't seen since
graduation. She went to SpeedZone with me last night. We
played DDR for like 4 hours! It was so great! (God I really
really need to get a life!) I applied for a job at the
Blockbuster by my house yesterday and I'm hoping that
they'll call me for an interview this week. I'm so tired...
we didn't get home until 3:00 this morning from SpeedZone
because when we took Ang back to Biola (she lives on
campus) we stayed and talked to her and her Boyfriend Matt
(who is really cool, By The Way) for a while. I just read
Jim's journal, he's such a crackhead! Well, that's enough
for now...