All That I Am
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2003-04-26 23:02:49 (UTC)

A Traitor Among Us

So, I must admit I'm a little peaved at the fact I have only 10hrs a
week at work now. I just don't understand how they expect a person to
live off a 25hr paycheck. It just boggles me. I later find out that
the problem with the whole hours and scheduling thing is that one of
the other monitors supposedly went and complained to the higher ups
that certain people were getting too many hours. Whatever. Fine,
adjust the hours so that they're even but I know EVERY monitor isn't
working just 10hrs a week! I'm so pissed right now because I don't
want to find another job but apparently they're not giving me
anyother choice. Damn whiny ass people have to ruin it for the rest
of us! Okay this is a very very short entry cause I need to go get
some grub before I chew my arm off. Later.