All That I Am
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2003-04-26 22:48:32 (UTC)

The First

Well, today's my birthday and it's feeling like anyother
day of the year. I just feel blah. I suppose it wouldn't be
such a big deal if Mum hadn't gotten my hopes up with first
a trip to Canadia and then to Seattle, neither of which we
ended up doing today. Instead I came over and watched
everyone clean the house and then played a few games of Uno
and Connect Four then went to Cosco, bought some corn dogs
and then went to Red Lobster. Red Lobster was the bomb of
course and this will be 3 b-days in a row that I've gone to
it. Other than that though it's just a ho hum day. Mum and
Kent just left for the Commissary and I got my gifts. I got
a yoga/pilates kit from Rhys and Amond which is my
favorite. Then Mum gave me a bag that has some workout
sweats and tank tops, an alarm clock, two cards, and a self-
defense book. I'm going to flip through that because it
actually looks interesting. The book was the alternative to
pepper spray. It feels weird because I don't feel older or
anything. 23 years ago I was born....okay I guess I do feel
old...I'm I was the first to make up this
family. I guess you could count Mum as the first but I was
the first brother anyway and actually she didn't have a
family until I came into the picture because her dad gave
her the boot so yeah I guess I'm the first. Why am I
thinking about this? Okay anyways. I am so tired right now.
I think I need to catch up on all the sleep I missed out on
this past week. But I guess I'll stay until dinner and then
I'll go home and crash. Well, I'm feeling really drowsy so
I'm going to take a nap. Later.

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