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2003-04-26 22:27:01 (UTC)

stressed lil duck

well today is Saturday.. and im 1/2 through my finals.. i
had a big huge test on wen.. WHEW am i glad that one is
over.. and then i had a big ass paper due on thurs.. it
was a content analysis that ive been workin on all semester
long.. i had all the research done i just had a write my
paper.. soo its all good.. im just tired and stressed.. im
tryin to stay more faithful to the entry of journal
thingies lol... soooo here i sit... while i should be
workin on a paper that is due on monday.. and then studying
for my last final i have on tues... i will beeeeee sooooo
freakin glad for tues night let me tell ya.. anywyas.. sooo
things with me other than finals are going pretty well..
things with my family have calmed down stuff.. me and my
girl still all happy and together in love *grins*.. she is
just 2 precious i tell ya she is.. i dont know i just miss
her... but im going to see her in like a week and 1/2
sooooo im pumped about that.. i plan on stayin for almost 2
weeks.. soo things will be great after that... soooo as my
Subject for this entry says.. im stressed... stressed cuz
of school... cuz of crazy drama.. which is slowly but
surely getting better.. its just takin awhile... and b/c i
cant see my baby anytime i want... but.. we are makin
dooo.. with some massive phone bills.. lol... sooo now im
broke 2.. but its ok.. she is worth every penny.. well im
gonna go... and for thsoe of you that were sending me
replies and wanted to chat sometime or something... Send me
a reply with your AIM, or YAHOO name... and i will gladly
send ya a message soo we can chat.. i always love meeting
new people an dhearin about your drama 2 lol... sooo i hope
yall have a great day im off to write me a paper..
Laura aka Ducky ur web footed lesbian friend lol

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