*Bubbles and Ducks*
2003-04-26 21:09:23 (UTC)

Sexually Harassed

I don't know if I told you all or not, but I get
sexually harassed by Brett Baker everyday. It's just plain
creepy now. And Andrea Chong was all like "You guys would
make a cute couple!" and she is NOT the only one to say
that! Kristen, Sarah, and Julie all think he likes me and I
pray to God he doesn't!'
I had the most disturbing dream of my life last night! I
was in a room with Gilbert aka John German and we started
making out! But that's not the REALLY disturbing part,
during the dream, I LIKED IT!! AHHHHHHH! It's completely
and totally scary. Just thinking about it makes me queasy!
How do you explain that?!?! I have no feelings WHAT-SO-EVER
for him. Maybe it was just one of those things where you
see them and that's what you dream about.
On Friday, after practice, I went home and left like 15
mintues later to head BACK to South Carroll to go to the
Boys JV Lacrosse game with Liz, Madeleine, and Heidi. We
only stayed for about a half an hour because it was
FREEZING and rainy. Doesn't really matter though because we
knew what was going to happen, we were going to lose. We
were down 5 to 0 when we left so it wasn't a big cliff
hanger. Still, it was fun, me and Maddi are going to go to
another one maybe when the weather isn't so horrible.