hello kitty cat
2003-04-26 20:20:24 (UTC)

be here now

So the "great" David Almond is at my hosue all the time I don't think he's as hot as everyone makes him
out to be...he's reaaaaaaaally skinny, don't get me wrong,
he's a cool guy..but jesus...everyone think's he some kind
of god. Anyway..I thought it was really sweet....Stephanie
got flowers from him these beautiful lilies
and roses...and the note read "be here now!" **which is
actually my favorite book** (and David's too...soon to be
Stephanie's if I can get my copy back so she can read it) I
gave it to Victor to read because I thought he may have
needed some more insite on himself, but he hasn't read it
yet and has had it for like 5 or 6 I've been
trying to get it back so Stephanie can read...what an
amazing line that is.."be here now" I wish more people took
that literally.

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