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2003-04-26 19:00:22 (UTC)

Who Ever Said Kissing Up Wasn't a Worthwhile Pursuit?

My brother is one of my best friends. He's a great
guy...kind hearted, gentle, yet aggressive when necessary
and has a wicked sense of humor. He's 8 years younger than
I am and 6 years younger than my sister. So he was never
really given the opportunity to be a kid. If he wanted to
do stuff with us he had to rise up to our level. And he
did. We (my sister and I) love him a lot yet even though
he towers over both of us (6'3" these days).

But we are still sisters and are very wary of other girls
in his life. We are very critical and (can be) down right
brutal of those that don't hold him in the highest regard.

I didn't want to like this girl (his first girlfriend
actually). Her name is Lori and she's a little slip of a
thing. Cute, but not good enough for him. But she started
on a campaign to win us over.

She called for him on my birthday. The first words out of
her mouth were "Happy Birthday" to me before she asked for
my brother. I love my birthday....very smooth. She came
over to watch a movie and brought happy meals for my
brother, mother and herself. That went over very well for
my mom.

Which brings me to today. My brother is out of town racing
for his rowing team. I just got out of the shower when the
doorbell rang. I threw on some clothes and answered it.
There was Lori with a bouquet of flowers. "How nice" I
thought. "For Travis?" She spoke.

"These are for Mrs. Miller" and handed them to me. Mrs.
Miller is our old neighbor who just had her hip replaced
and is in the hospital. The Millers are surrogate
grandparents to my siblings and me. We had one set and
they both died a few years ago.

I was floored. And impressed. Wow. Flowers? I couldn't
believe it. Her score is definitely on a very upwards
streak. Good for her.

How come I can't find that kind of caring?


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