things running through my mind.
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2003-04-26 18:54:29 (UTC)

ok its spring break right now..

ok its spring break right now and its been pretty good it
seems really long to me... and now im kinda wanna go back
ot school bcuz i havent seen sum ppl like ricky and mike
even tho i dont talk to them i still like to see them. Weel
neways i spent alot i mena alot of time with brandy and kt
it was cool sum of the times and sum times it was like i
was just dragged along bcuz brandy had her b/f and i have
no one at al and i feel like im just there for the ride and
its not much fun for me to just sit there and turn my head
so that they can flirt and kiss.... but hey
anyways,sumtimes its fun i cant wait to have a b/f and make
her come every where with me. i think it will be fun but
first i need to get sum1 to liek me adn then ask me out and
then like them back and do stuff with them.hm.. lets see..
kt also gets very annoying when all she talks bout is lupo
and howshe should break up with him and i think all she
wants is all the attention of ppl saying to her ur a soph
goin out with a freshman and that hes so much shorter and u
should break up all i hear is bout him... ah!
is it bad that i go out of my way and waste money on candy
i really dont wanna eat just so that i can walk by the jrs
table to look at ricky or see if any of them notice me...
ya i think so or walking up to my locker for no reason just
to see if anyone ses hi to me on my way there... ya thats
pretty bad. i really want sum1 and ricky just acts soo
sweet but i dont he could just b like taht to al girls.i
like having this journal then i can express my real
feelings toward ppl...
i feel like adding to this its the 26th now but anyway thursday i
told chris to call me if he wanted to do sum thing and it made me sad
that he didnt call ever but im happy too cuz i didnt have my cell and
that i wa sout with brandy at the mall... i wish he would of it would
of made me felt loved .. but hey nick lupo called my cell askin me
wut he should get for kt and that was cool i mean i didnt kno he
would even think to call me i thoguth amanda or brandy or i odnt
kno... not me but he did and i felt specail again... and taht bout it
i cant wait to go back to school and see everyone and i wanna see
guys that i like.. o i wish!