REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-04-26 18:37:10 (UTC)

ok now ill tell you about the game

ok well when we got to shea stadium it was really really
packed or w/e so the line was huge, so my brother knows
the drills;) lol so he just went through like he owned the
palce. well we got in and then sandstorm started playing
so then told us that we were late, cause thats there theme
song. so i was pissed cause you dont know whos playing,
but i got it as the game went on. well we sat down and we
watched the game lol of course the crowd contained of
24,200 sumin and they were crazee. trachsel led the game
off, and he kept the game tied for like 5 innings. then
the d-backs got a 2 run homer, so the score was 2-0 the
croud was pissed lol. ok well the mets changed pitchers
and they brought out the one and only mike stanton! he
kept the game 2-0 for the inning. then we got up! oh
man...here i go...well we got mike piazza on base...he got
a double, and then raul gonzalez...oh babee...he got a
homerun so now the score was 2-2 tied! w00t! the crows was
all hyper and stuff it was sweet. jay bell got on
base...mike piazza got on base, mo vaughn got on base, and
then timo perez with a base hit bringing jay bell home..OH
BABEE lol. well thats where the game stayed for the
inning. and then roberto alomar with his MAZAING playings
on second base kept the mets in the lead. alomar and perez
with there crazee plays man. im tellin you those guys got
it goin on;) mike piazza did awsome to! he got 2 men out
on second with his like super super fast throw. ok after
that inning when we got back into the field the mets
brought out armando benitez. about this guy...hes really good but
then hes really bad...hes never ok..you know? well this game he did
both in a way. it sounds confusing by lysen. he walked two people
but so there was a man on first and second. well then another guy
got a base hit. and then it was there best guy up *from the
diamondbacks* well he hit the ball nice and hard right to mo vaughn
who had to dive onto the grass to get it sooooooooo...benitez
sprints over to the bag catches the throw from mo vaughn to him and
PUNCES on first base holy crapp it was great...the whole croud goes
wild. but....i feel bad for him. cause when they called him out of
the bull pen everyone waws booing him. it was soo horrible i feel
really bad. i mean just imagine stnding on the pitchers mound with
more then 24,000 pairs of eyes on you and everyone gooin BOOOO YOU
SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK i mean just think of the pressure..i really
really really really really felt so bad for him. well ...he kind one
the game for us. comon mets fans...you gotta have faith in every one
on the team! it really pissed me off...but the mets game was great
id give the game a 9.5 it was sweet. i cant wait till my birthday on
may 31. im taking two friends to a mets game! its gonna be really
really fun. i mean if i had the time of my life with my brother then
just think how tis gonna be wit my friends. i mean everytime i go
to a game it feels like its the first time. its so exciting and when
they walk out into the field im like wow...im here. even though ive
been goin to mets games like a dozen a year ever since i was born.
thats the kinda mets fan i am;) its wierd...cause when they walk out
onto the field i feell like im meeting them or im talking to them .i
get the butterflys and stuff..its nuts. but it seriuosly feels like
the first time everytime i go. ive been to alot..i mean ive been
going every year ever seince i was born. my first game, my mom told
me, was when i was 1 and a half months old...and 892579842659827539
games after that! but i get sooooo excited everytime i get to go. i
wish i could live there...and better yet...i just wish...i could
spend a day with them...if not a day..just a chance for them to even
look at me...or say hi to me. i just wish. its my dream....meeting
the mets is my dream.