Sometimes.. I need to hide from everyone
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2003-04-26 16:57:33 (UTC)


Not Danny. I'm over Danny. Never thought I could be but now
I am and it's all for the better. I still care about him
and he'll always like.. be someone that I'll like think
about.. But I really don't like him like I used to. Dean. I
never really liked, I just liked the fact that he liked me.
Him asking me out was not good. Ugh. But oh well. Me and
Ashley are kinda friends again. Me and Karen and Stephanie
are friends I think. Me and Brittany are friends. Me and
Mat are friends and I really think brittany doesn't want us
to be and I feel so bad because i don't want to wreck
another friendship of ours but I don't want to not be
friends with mat. Then.. Umm.. I dunno what else is going
on. Lots of stuff I guess. Nothing bad. I cut myself like,
30 times. Which was stupid. I will never do it again. I
realized why I stopped again. Because it got rid of my pain
for five minutes and is giving me weeks of stress and more
pain. So, that's something I'm not going to do anymore. I
hated myself so much for doing it. I'm such a idiot. But I
don't care. I actually think people like me. I was spending
all my time thinking about danny that I lose sight of
everyone else that was out there. So whatever. Life's good.
I'll be back later. I think I like this diary more now.