48 shades of darkness
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2003-04-26 15:53:51 (UTC)

I feel so empty, so alone you..

I feel so empty, so alone
you love me, but now it don't show
friends for now, how could it be
you were glad to be with me everyday
now you cant stand me
what is it about me? why must everyone turn the other way?
is it my love? that i care to much?
in love with you, that is special
i want you to be my wife
life with a family of our own, grow old and be so happy
but i guess thats not gonna happen for me
nothing ever turns out the way i want,
i am nothing to the world,to you to everyone
everything must come to an end?
well my life just might if you abandon me
your the love of my life,no one else can ever replace that
not even in the future, i'll be a lonley old misserable man
thinking of you each and everyday,
til the day i die!!