Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-04-26 12:47:14 (UTC)


Right it was about time i spoked about a girl who I got to
know quite well in my Uni.
I've known Hayley since September 2002, when I started Uni.
She was a talkative girl, who like could get along with
anyone. It was usually me, her and Michael that hung
around, we were like our own trio. It was funny to have
Hayley around, I could get away with saying stuff with her
and sometimes it would piss off Michael ^_^ hehe. She
funny, bubbly, flirty, bitchy and very fussy. Shes a nice
girl with a big heart. Best time with her was when we
saw "This is our Youth", with Freddy Prince Jnr and Chris
Kline. Had a nice time and a nice meal. Good times.
Well Hayley this is for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx