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2003-04-26 11:05:20 (UTC)

If I only had a Brain

I just downloaded all of Harry Connick Jr's "Songs I
Heard" CD and I think I'm in love! He's singing movie
music to me! And hes so beautiful! And its 7 in the
morning! Wow! I ate Burger King!

(leak, leak)

There goes my pouch juice...and Jann just slipped on it
that bitch! Whore don't slip on my marsupial juice!
People pay to slip on marsupial juice! Fuck you Jann I
can use all the exclamation marks I want!

I'm going to bed now...I wonder if I just go outside and
fall asleep in the backyard would I get a tan?

Harry Connick Jr. says:

You're never fully dressed without a smile!

God hes brilliant like come over my house and let me rip
off your pants and suck your dick all night. I want you
to give me a rimjob and then I'll give you a rimjob. Then
we can talk about your stint on Will and Grace and then we
can fuck each other and eat the ricotta cheese that's in
my fridge.


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