Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-26 06:56:43 (UTC)

5 mins later - the update continues

back.. i'm on another computer. Well as I said, my last
two days can be broken up into a tops sectin and a shitty
section. the tops section was up until I got sick last
night. That involved what was already written in my last
entry as wellas the fact that my band is starting to kick
sooo much ass.. luke is so talented, and that I got a
letter in the mail saying that one of my poems is going to
be published in an anthology. things got shit last night
when I got sick cos then I couldn't drink any beers.. and
me and nath had been looking forward to that so bad all
holidays. I woke up an hour late for work. and then my
audition was shit.. though they still seemed to think it
was alright.. I know that it just went shit in myself and
that I could have done so much better. also I am stuck in
the city at the moment and I have no way of getting home
and my bank card won't give me any money for some reason
my whole account has been screwed and now all my money has
been put in the red so what I had before is now been
reversed with a negative sign being put next to it. Hmm
and I'm hungry and my dad won't pick up his phone and I'm
sposed to be going to Amelia's house tonight and I neeed
to get home! arrrrgh! hmm okay now this computer is
getting close to shutting down.. i'll write here agan in a
few days when I am back at uni as holidays are ending
tommorrow.. until then... bye!

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