2003-04-26 06:56:35 (UTC)

the sun also rises

Yes...I stole the title from Ernest Hemingway. My

I often wondered why at times God would tell me in the
depths of my heart that some day all my grieving, all my
suffering, all my tears and prayers, groanings, and scars
would be worth it.

If all that pain (as excruciating as it was)was the path
that led me to you...it was all...every tear...worth it.

Never have I known such beauty existed on this earth.

I wasn't totally without hope or in despair of my life cuz
I knew Jesus. I knew He loved me. But now...I have
tangible proof. I don't deserve it...I know it...Jesus
knows it...but now...here you are.

Now I can appreciate the part of the bible where the
apostles were asking Jesus...so where is heaven? how far
off? and He replied...the kingdom of heaven is within

So yes, life is hard, trials and tribulations are
many...but when God blesses...he's no slacker. I am the
happiest I've ever been in my life.

The sun also rises.

I see it in your eyes. I hear it in your voice. I feel
it in your touch. God bless you. You have no idea how
incredibly valuable and exquisite you are. You make life
on earth beautiful. Thank you.