Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-26 06:41:31 (UTC)

quick overview of the last 2 days

well I don't have the net at home yet but I am in the city
so I thought I would pop in for a while and do the rounds
on the computers. This has to be very quick because my
computer will shut down in 4 mins. hmm well k, my last 2
days. Thursday night I got drunko with rene and michael
again. Aelia and Luke were there but they weren't
drinking. Luke had to drive and meals just doesn't do it.
Ummm.. Friday.. woke up feeling like a flat battery (anzac
day) had nice maccas for breaky... went to see grandad
(funny old guy) went home... said goodbye to my parants
and went down the road to get a carton with my brother
(hehehehehe)got sick though and couldn'nt drink it (it's
still under my bed (blah) ummm my last 2 days can be
broken up into a tops very cool section and a shitty
section. I will do this in a few minutes but right now I
have to get of this computer as it is about to shut down.