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2003-04-26 04:27:01 (UTC)

the mets game was amazing

the mets game was amazing. it was one of the best games!!
dude, i JUST missed a foul ball it was right in front of
my face. but it was a great game! i love the mets. im like
obsessed with them as if they were the guy! lol im sorry
but its true. and ive got alot of bitchin from people but
i dont kare cause there little dip shits that dont know
wat there talking about so they can just kill yourself.

iii lllooooovvvvveeeee ttttthhhheeee MMMMMEEEEETTTTTTSSSSSS

they are my heart and soul;)

my dream is to meet the mets...or spend a day with them


-love the biggest mets fan ever