apfel diary
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2003-04-26 04:19:09 (UTC)

quite busy lately. well,not..

quite busy lately. well,not busy for working.hehe..just
busy with ppl who needs the help.and busy with mom. i
always stay there with mom now.so close with her.i think
mom likes me more than sis now.why?sigh..cos sis changed
lor.as we know,sis got a bad temper.but..she get angry so
easily since she fell in love(if the day she got argue with
bf,we will have a bad day ). bad sis scold me often,even
scold to mom and dad. she is temperamental! sometimes,i do
get mad with her about that.she think what she was?everyone
have to listen to her!well,i just mad at her that she scold
mom.i dont care how bad she treat me,but care how she treat
mom lah.sigh..all i have to do is pray to god.u know,mom
asked me how come a christian get angry so easily,so shame.
haha..also,mom said she is better than sis. at least,she
wont like this,scold ppl without any reasons.by the way,mom
started believing in god.im so happy with it.such a good
new to me ah.and she is going to go to church with me on
this sunday.hehe..
hm..i had been sick in past few days.after taking medicine
and rest,feeling better.
talking back the topic what i busy with ppl.the shop next
to the clinic where i work in.i knew the woman who working
there.she is so poor.got a daughter and a son.their
children is my younger sis and bro.they are poor ga,that is
why i always treat them dinner/lunch.even lent out money to
them when they needed. one day,the woman asked me a
favour.she knows that i buy all the medicine from clinic is
very cheap.actaully,i know her childs get sick often.dr
said her children have bad health.so that they need the
medicine which can keep/make the health better and
better.but those medicine is quite dear.i cant buy it for
them.cos dr just sell the medicine to me and my family
only.sigh,for helping them,i have to lied to dr. that i
need buy some medicine for my family.actually it is for
them.To tell the truth,those medicine is very expensive and
i buy it,dr just sell me the cost of it only.just like
vitamin,charge ppl $240.but the cost of it just $140 only.i
bought some medicine for them yesterday.saved $460 for
them.sigh,i wanna help ppl and dont wanna lied.but..i chose
help ppl,dunno if i do it wrong.
dr. doesnt like the morning nurse anymore.cos she had made
many mistake at work.she has been thinking how to make more
money.her heart not in work at all.dr said she doesnt
believe in god ,one of the reasons is she saw many
christian act not like christian. bad behavior.just like
the morning nurse.how dare she is,she contacted the
medicine company and took some medicine for own business
and earn money without telling her.sigh..