Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
2003-04-26 04:01:33 (UTC)

Got my new reading glasses...

And I'm using it now. It's not that bad, but I really have
to get used to using it. Anyway, I won't be long online
because I'm not really supposed to stress out my eye (which
actually sometimes hurts now, but that's normal right?).
And I missed out on working today because of the operation.
Meaning I won't get paid... Damn! That's so crappy.
By the way, I'm over "J" because I can't really force him
to like me. So I'm just gonna be his friend, and he can
call me whenever. I ain't gonna call him, I say make him
call me. If he wants. Hehe. I think one way for me to get
over him is to distract myself. I do that a lot. I read,
watch a movie, think about other things. Get interested in
other guys. Meet new people online. Do something
adventurous. Stuff like that. And also through thoughts.
Thoughts alone sometimes controls how one feels. For me,
once I do something fun, I slowly get over someone I liked.
I know it's different for other people, but most of the
times, it's like that. I think.
Hmmm... I guess I better go now. I think my eyes are
getting a bit... er... tired. I'm in a good mood though.
Have fun ya'll!


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