Welcome to own demise
2003-04-26 01:29:36 (UTC)

shittier and shittier

so its been a little while.... i guess a lot has been up,
although nothing really new per say just likesae oldshit
ust different ways of presenting itself ya know?

my dad bought m a prom dress. im goin to jr prom. ive been
plannin on it but anyways all i needed was a datye and yea
i wanted to bring albert of course but know i cant bc well
im here proms here and hes uh there. so yea.... i went to
my moms hou for easter.... my dad gave memoneys so i could
go shoppnig htere bc im not really very happy wth the dress
he go tme but its a back up type just in case thing. blah

so i almost got a free plane ticket, i didnt tho so i was
kinda bmmed. i told my mom and she was all 'where would
uave gone' i told herthe truth, no where. i would have
given my ticket to albert so he could come to myprom with
me. my mom asked me how much tickets were i told her i had
no idea bcwerll i didnt. my boob itches,, blah ok anyways
blah blha blah my mom bought him a plane ticket so hes
going to be comin hell be in town the weekend of my prom,
so yea hes invited i hope he pulls through. oh lord i do. i
do i do i do.

i found out my test camback positive. so lucia has cervical
cancer. isnt that just lovely??????? i think its
fabulous.... theres a good possibility i wont be able to
have kids ever. GREAT/.... i told albert and he was dead
silent i couldt stop crying and he did everything he could
to try to cheer me up. he told me he'd look at me diferent
from now on/ oh dear god i hope this doesnt make him not
like me anymore. the last thingi need is for him to not
like me anymore bc of my stupid decisions.

food's here.... imma go eat ill be back to finish writing.