Insight Into The Mind
2003-04-26 01:27:00 (UTC)

Early Fridays

oh yeah i luv fridays!!!! i mean what's not to luv?? i
get off early, and i get to spend the entire afternoon with
my friends(when we get our asses in gear and hang out as a
group. it's happening less and less.) but i haven't
gotten to enjoy today nearly as much as i would normally.
the reason, and this is the reason to most of my bad moods
lately is my sister's FUCKING CAT!!!!!!no jokes the stupid
thing meowed outside my bedroom door from 4:45 until
6:00!! she has now figured out that if she does that for
long enough that i will get fed up and get her from out in
the hallway. it's even worse on the weekends cos my sister
could sleep through the end of the freakin world so she
doesn't even get up and get her own cat!! i COULD have
stayed at my dad's last night cos my mom is out of town and
that's where i was supposed to stay, but NOOOO i couldn't
do that cos i'm a stupid teenager who wants to stay in her
house by herself, and therefore subjecting herself to the

Another good thing bout fridays is the field parties!! for
some reason they only seem to happen on Fridays. or
thursdays if we have friday off. but it was raining today
which was a bummer only cos we might not have gone to the
thing tonight but the rain stopped and we are still
going!!!!! the rain was so annoying!! i luv rain so i
wanted to be outside when it was raining the hardest but
would the weather agree with me? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! it
was like barely drizzling this morning when i was standing
outside waiting for my bus but as soon as i'm stuck inside
in mechanics it starts to pour!!!!!!!!!!!!

well more next time,