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2003-04-26 00:00:53 (UTC)


I have since the last time of writing, managed to step on a
tambourine, and smash it, getting little pieces of plastic
stuck in the bottom of my foot. I know have a big purple
There has been much ado about nothing at work here. My male
friend decided to up and flip out on me the other day,
telling me that I am a liar and have been trying to
sabatoge his relationship with my best friend for my own
amusement. I went and talked to her about it and she told
me that she also had told her recently that he knows I want
to fuck him (see april fools day joke or the say I left
work to cry in my car). Ok. Great. That about made my day.
So I came back to work and continued to just go off on me.
Rip me a new one even. This was out of control. He said I
am psycho, need a shrink, etc etc etc.
Today he just writes to me like nothing ever happened.
Things like How Are You? What are you doing? Do you want to
go see Holy Molar with me? I will make out with you in the
sauna. That type of thing.
I think I may be dealing with a nutcase. He did not even
apologize and he thinks I am going to just be fine with it.
Fuck him. He can suck my cock there is no way in hell I can
even be friends with him after this. Mark my words. Please.
God I have a hard time staying mad at people.

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