champagne supernova
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2003-04-25 23:39:18 (UTC)

good times

i havent really had the time to just read everyones entries
and here i am at 4:30 in rehearsal just reading everyones
entries from the month of april...and the most wonderful
yet strange feeling came over me. i got this tingly feeling
all over and had this rush of memories go through my was wonderful! i rememebered festival, i remembered
talking to ash under the stars in a sleeping bag this
summer, washing denises' moms van in p.j.s' while trying to
not get soakig wet, late nights at rockies,midnight at the
long beach theatre, and most of all i remembered last
summer. last summer was unbelievably by far the best summer
i have ever had in my hole life.i remembered going to
mcdonalds for lunch with denise,then we walked to her
house ,and on the way she told me all about her first
experience in watching Moulin Rouge. oh god....good times.
it makes you think how wonderful life can be. people
disregard things that make them happy so quickly, yet dwell
on the things that make them sad....makes ya think. i wish
everyone would just be happy all day. nothing sad. nothing
bad. i wish that nothing would go wrong and everyone would
just be having the best da ythey could possibly
have! ...........GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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