no pitty in the rose city
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2003-04-25 19:07:34 (UTC)

lame show

last night was the midnight creeps and the escaped both rad
bands and played very very well it was just the fucking
crowd that made it so lame. most of the regulars didnt show
up sept me, seve, nick and joker and some othr guys but it
wasnt enough... there was this one band i forgot thier name
so i doesnt matter but the had these teenie bopper friends
and it really was pissing us off {same ppl i listed^^}

well joker is trying to hook me up with seve... i have seen
him around at all the shows and we have talked.. i think
hes a babe and hes really funny frm what i know of him..
welll i hae nothing else to sayso eh yeah