All That I Am
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2003-04-25 18:27:03 (UTC)

An Explosion of Imagination

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."
-- Albert Einstein

I'm feeling all lovey dovey today. I'm in such a good mood
and the sun is out. I'm just feeling great! I tried on 3
pairs of pants that were either tight or just didn't fit
before and low and behold they do know! Instead of drinking
coffee in the morning I do my ab and pushup circuit and
then have a green apple (helps to increase lung capacity)
and I'm pumped. Granted it doesn't last all day and I'm
still tired (because I've only been getting about 5-6hrs
sleep this week) but it's all good. Okay now remember last
journal entry I was so excited about going to Canadia on my
b-day? Well, low and behold we're not going because Mum
sounds like death again. Seriously, she's working today and
I popped in to see her and I could barely hear her and when
she tries to talk louder it's this creepy Night of the
Living Dead, zombie voice. Poor mum. So, instead of going
to Canadia which I think is about a 2hr drive we're going
to the Space Needle in Seattle! Jennifer was telling me all
about it today too and she said it's really cool because
there's this marketplace/town center thing around the Space
Needle and they have this festival type thing going on and
you can catch the monorail and it'll take you either to
Pike's Market (where they throw the fish around) or to
downtown Seattle and it drops you off in the mall. I'm so
excited. I'm broke mind you but I just want to go and see

It stinks in the Stone Education building. It smells like a
someone is cooking smelly socks and cabage. It's just
nasty. Jennifer made all kinds of food today too. She made
strawberry skones (spelling) and jumbalia (spelling) and of
course my cake...but I don't know what kind of cake it is
yet. I didn't go to the gym yesterday mainly because my
Netflix movies came in. The Transporter was aiiight. It's
your basic action movie nothing special but the main
british high flying good guy is a serious hottie. Then
there was "Drumline" which sucked ass but I fast forwarded
to the marching band parts and I was jamming. That was the
only good part of the movie because of all the dancing and
music. Far and away the best movie was "Spirited Away". You
have to be into Japanamation type films and I'm not really
into them but this is the same guy who made "Princess
Mononke" and that movie was the bomb. Well this one I think
I liked even better. I think that has to be one of the most
imaginative movies I've ever seen and because it's a
japanese movie that was just dubbed by Disney, it still has
all the Japanese references and culture so I didn't
understand some of it with the different types of spirits
and stuff but it was so good. Imaginative is the only word
I can use to explain that movie, it was just awesome and
I'll have to buy that when I'm not broke anymore. That was
pretty much my day yesterday. I watched of course Survivor
(good episode...bye bye Alex, he he he) and Will &
Grace...but Madonna needs to stop trying to be an actress
because she just isn't good at all. Well, I think that's
all for now, I have to walk around and do the monitoring
thing because I've already caught some people using cell
phones. I think we should have some type of scrambler so
that if someone uses their cell phone in here we can hit a
button and the damn thing will blow up or something. I
don't know I'll have to work out the designs and scematics.