~ShOrTy BrItTy~

My LiFe
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2003-04-25 18:24:43 (UTC)


I always think about you! Every day why do I do this? It is
driving me crazy. I can't stop! I like you more each time I
see you. I cry every night beacuse you are not with me. You
are with her. It hurts so much I just what to dye I can't
stand it. I just hope I am here another day to see you. But
I don't think I can do that it hurts to much. I want to
leave! But I can't stand not being with you. But I don't
think I could ever leave you.

Its your voice that keeps me here.
Your eyes that I can't stop thinking about.
Its your smile that makes me want to cry.
And it is you that i am saying this.

I just wish that you felt the same about me.
For weeks I cried, And for weeks I tried,
Then I realized, from the beginning, I was rite, and u were
wrong. But I will never say Good Bye

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