Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-04-25 12:19:06 (UTC)

its all good i am back

tonights been good the swans bet melbourne (ha ha amber and

whell its been a while since i wrote on here ok the run
down is that its been a blur 5 weeks and 250 hours at work

plus all i am doin on weekends is drinkin funny that the
week seems like a blur

ok the real reason i am writhing in this is because i seem
to have a small cult following that for some reason
enjoy/get off on reading all my inner ramblings

oh ok

went to the hamilton cup and did what every self respecting
addolesent would when they have free piss drank myself into
a state of intoxication which on a scale out of 100 being
the worst state i was about a rank of 95 the only reason
that i was not 100 is because i could walk/ crawl/drag
myself along

notice no punctuation

Get over it

Because if you would like me to type like that don't read on

we are now in adam yoles final days in the flat
i have just felt to cramped so hes off


no other news so i am off catch you all later

music: lets get fucked up - smut peddlers
drug: berrocca

so bye now

yes go away

thats it fuck off

i am fucken sick of this so get the fuck away